Model arrested after jumping from hotel room to escape man trying to rape her

A Russian model, Ekaterina Stetsyuk broke her spine after jumping from the sixth floor of a Dubai hotel while reportedly fleeing a man seeking to rape and kill her.



Now, her attacker has launched a counter claim against her and the model has allegedly been arrested in her hospital bed.


The attacker was reportedly detained at the airport seeking to flee Dubai and faces up to 15 years in jail if convicted. During the interrogation, he made the allegations against her.



Russian channel NTV reported that Ekaterina was followed by a rich “foreigner” and “refused to be with him”.


They reported, “He got angry and attacked Ekaterina, trying to kill her.”


Her mother Inge and friend Irina Gorssman are raising money by crowdfunding to cover the initial £11,000 medical costs in Dubai.


Gocha Buachidze, the Russian Counsel in Dubai, said, “We are thoroughly studying the situation around Russian citizen Ekaterina Stetsyuk and we are providing all necessary support to her.”

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