NDA continues its dominance in the Rajya Sabha too

Amidst interesting sequences, the Rajyasabha deputy chairman position has been grabbed by the NDA. The voting which began just a day before the end of monsoon sessions had only two absentees and 230 MPs have taken part in the voting. Out of the 230, 125 have supported JDU’s Harivansh Narayan Singh. On the other hand, the opposition MP Hariprasad got only 105 votes and Harivansh Narayan Singh had won the polling with 20 votes majority. Though NDA has won, it got just 2 more seats than the magic figure 123.




Harivansh got the majority due to the excessive lobbying by the BJP and it has celebrated for its victory as BJP never had a majority in the Rajyasabha. While TDP has supported the Congress candidate Hariprasad, TRS has supported NDA candidate Hanrivansh, but YSRCP stayed away from the voting.


The JDU candidate Harivansh who got elected to Rajyasabha from Bihar is a close associate to Bihar CM Nitish Kumar. The 62-year-old Harivansh is a great scholar who has the degree in Economics from the Banaras University. PM Modi and Ghulab Nabi Azad have congratulated him after he won the poll.



The Congress party which has been seeking the support of anti-BJP parties couldn’t succeed in its plans. The situation would have been different and it would have got support from the other parties if the Congress nominated a non-Congress member for the post. The BJP which won the Rajyasabha’s deputy chairman post is planning to continue its winning streak in the 2019 polls.

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