Nehru’s mistake led to Indo-Pak separation, says Dalai Lama

Spiritual leader and renowned Buddhist monk Dalai Lama made some controversial comments on the situations that led to the India-Pakistan partition and blamed Nehru for it.



In response to a question from a student about how to control from doing mistakes during an interaction held at the Goa Institute of Management in North Goa’s Sanquelim village, Dalai Lama made a shocking revelation about Nehru.




Dalai Lama said that though Gandhi wanted Mohammad Jinnah to be the first Prime Minister of Independent India, Nehru, a self-centered man was against the idea and insisted him to make the PM of India, which led to Indo-Pak separation. He also said that Nehru was a great man, he too had his share of mistakes. Dalai Lama also emphasized on the fact that everyone commits mistakes and even Nehru was no exception to it.

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