A.P. Cabinet Minister Manikyala Rao warns of dire consequences if he is ignored

Differences have cropped up between the TDP and BJP in Andhra Pradesh yet again. TDP leaders were the target of Endowments Minister Manikyala Rao’s ire recently. He said that he could pose many uncomfortable questions to many people, and if he was hauled up, he would haul up the government itself. If he was ognored, he said, the government would have to face the consequences. He said that there was a limit to his patience and he had worked patiently for the past three years both at the state and the central levels.



Manikyala Rao was speaking on occasion of a Janmabhoomi programme in Ramannagudem in Tadepalligudem Mandal on Wednesday. He observed that he was being treated as an outsider in the constituency, and was not even being invited to functions organised by the TDP leaders at the local level. He questioned if he was their enemy and asked whether he had not attended Cabinet meetings, saying he was saddened at the state of affairs. The Minister expressed anger against Mullapudi Bapiraju, the ZP Chairman of West Godavari district. He declared that he had used Central funds to develop the constituency, and had not received a single paisa from the state government. He thundered that he would lose his calm if obstructed like this.

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