Pakistan supporting 600 terrorists to cross LOC, says intelligence report

Pakistan is supporting 600 terrorists at various launchpads all along the Line of Control, as per an intelligence report accessed by Zee News. The report added that they are being readied to cross over to India with nefarious intentions.


The report submitted to the Home Ministry says that these terrorists are being actively supported by Pakistani forces and personnel from Pakistan Army may also be among them. They are believed to be members of Pakistan’s Border Action Team (BAT) which is known to provide support to terrorist organisations.



The details of the terrorists ready to infiltrate, according to the intelligence report accessed by Zee News, is as follows:


  1. Gurez Sector: 67 terrorists present in Pakistan’s posts at Barbad, Sardari, Losar complex.
  2. Machil Sector: Movement of 96 terrorists observed.
  3. Keran Sector: Movement of 117 terrorists observed.
  4. Tangdhar Sector: Movember of 79 terrorists observed.
  5. Uri Sector: Movement of 26 terrorists observed.
  6. Rampur Sector: Movement of 26 terrorists observed.
  7. Poonch Sector: Movement of 43 terrorists observed.
  8. Krishna Ghati Sector: Movement of 21 terrorists observed.
  9. Bhimber Gali: Movement of 40 terrorists observed.
  10. Nowshera Sector: Movement of 6 terrorists observed.
  11. Sunderbani Sector: Movement of 16 terrorists observed.

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