Police arrest Gurgaon Audi dealers

Following the footsteps of Vijay Mallya, Mehul Choksi, and Nirav Modi, who left the country after committing 1000s of crores of fraud, a father and son tried to implement the same plan, but the police have spoiled their plan in the last minute.



Audi India Gurgaon dealers, Rash Pal Singh Todd (known as Rashy Todd in media releases of Audi India) and Mandhir Singh Todd were arrested by the Police over a bank fraud of Rs 270 crores. The dealer reportedly took the loan from the bank to buy cars from Audi India and sold them to customers. Dealer never repaid bank money.

The father and son who attended the marriage in Delhi tried to flee from India in a disguised appearance. The police who suspected their movies arrested them 30 minutes before they were supposed to board the flight. The said dealers used fake documents to get the loan from the bank. They even lied to the bank about having stocks in hand, when they did not have any.

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