Rahul Gandhi tells Indians in Bahrain: Serious problem at home

Yet again, Congress President Rahul Gandhi on Monday delivered a sharp and critical speech on Narendra Modi government. He is on a visit to Bahrain. Nearly delegates of 50 countries participated in the valedictory session.



While addressing the Global Organisation of People of India Origin, Rahul Gandhi said, “I am here to tell you what you mean to our country, that you’re important, to tell you there is a serious problem at home, to tell you that you’re part of the solution and that I am here to build a bridge between wherever you are in the world and home.”


He said, “We may be fighting BJP but our focus is to provide a vision for India. If we give a new Congress party to India, it is not a big task to defeat the BJP… We are working on it. You will see dramatic change in Congress and you will see leaders you can have trust in.”


Mr. Gandhi also sought six months to reinvent Congress and added, “We will give you a new shining Congress”.

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