Rangula Raatnam Movie Review

Cast: Raj Tarun, Chitra Shukla, Sitara, Priyadarshi and others
Director: Sri Ranjani
Production Company: Annapurna Studios
Release date: 14th January 2018
With the two big releases ‘Agnyathavaasi’ turned out a dud and ‘Jaisimha’ is only for certain kind of audience, now the focus is shifted to ‘Rangula Raatnam’. As the movie is produced by Annapurna studios and Nagarjuna promoted the movie extensively, the movie has garnered positive buzz. Let’s see whether this movie can be a Sankranthi winner or not.
Vishnu (Raj Tarun), a software professional who is easy going in nature. He falls in head over heels with Keerthini (Chitra Shukla). While everything goes smoothly, her over possessive nature becomes a worrisome factor for him and decides to break up with her. Will he breaks up with the girl or change his approach for the girl forms the rest of the story.
Raj Tarun
Priyadarshi’s comedy
Poor production values
Heavy sentiment
Heroine’s character
Verdict: On the whole, Rangula Raatnam is a decent entertainer with heavy doses of sentiment. It may be a one-time watch.

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