RGV: Kathi Mahesh is more handsome than Pawan Kalyan

Ram Gopal Varma has switched parties yet again. Until recently, he was all praise for Power Star Pawan Kalyan, saying that he was his inspiration. Now, he has joined the ranks of ‘Agnyaatavaasi’ critics to comment that the Power Star has lost his power. He also tweeted in favour of Kathi Mahesh.



Varma criticized Pawan’s performance in Agnyaatavaasi rather poetically, saying that he had never seen a tiger without fangs and claws until now, and this tiger had even changed its stripes, to his surprise. He further commented that an attacking tiger was reduced to crawling and this confused him immensely. With these tweets, the negative buzz around Agnyaatavaasi has increased. Varma also reacted to Kathi Mahesh’s review video, saying that Mahesh looked more handsome than Pawan Kalyan, much to the consternation of Pawan’s fans.

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