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'Chinnamma' Will Be Tamil Nadu 'Sonia'

The close confidant of late Tamil Nadu Chief Minister, Sasikala stuck to headlines after Jayalalithaa's demise. Several reports are surfacing in the political sphere regarding her role and next move in the party.



Speculation is rife that Sasikala, fondly referred as 'Chinnamma', will be controlling the AIADMK as the next general secretary as she also enjoys a great support of the majority of the MLAs and top leaders. 


As per reports, several leaders are meeting her and also pleading to head the party and many of them said that Sasikala was still in tears because of the loss of her soulmate, Amma. Reports also added that she had consulted with five bigwigs of the party before deciding the future course of action on the day Jaya died. Looks like, the five most influential persons also expressed their support and there is no opposition to her heading the party exactly the way Sonia Gandhi controlled the Congress while a pliant Manmohan Singh ran the government.


However, it is not yet clear about Sasikala's decision or move on the same. An official announcement is still awaited in this regard. 

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