Former cricketer Sreesanth who has the habit of hogging the limelight for his weird acts and controversies has grabbed the attention of ‘Bigg Boss’ show organizers.

In Bigg Boss 12 recently, the contestants Surbhi Rana and Sreesanth’s rivalry took an ugly turn. While Surbhi left no stone unturned to provoke Sreesanth, the later didn’t shy away from making personal comments on her.


While everyone is busing preparing breakfast, Surbhi goes to Sreesanth and provokes him by calling him a non-performer, bhagoda and talks about he plays sympathy card to stay in the game. Sreesanth says he feels pity on her and she needs a physiatrist. She makes fun of him crying all the time. He tells Surbhi doesn’t have a wajood or character and calls her characterless. Surbhi takes this point and makes an issue that Sreesanth got provoked and called her characterless.

After the issue got serious, Sreesanth went inside the bathroom and locked himself and banged his head to the wall. The severely injured Sreesanth was later rushed to the hospital. Now, his condition is safe and back to the Bigg Boss house.

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He is Fine Now

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