Sridevi’s death was a pre-planned murder, claims Ex-Cop

Ever since actress Sridevi passed away under suspicious conditions in a hotel room on February 24th, there were several stories surfaced about her death. Though many raised doubts and demanded a fresh probe, Supreme court denied intervening as the Dubai forensic department had confirmed it as an accidental death due to drowning.




However, Ved Bhushan, a retired Assistant Commissioner of Police, who runs a private investigation agency (PI) in New Delhi opines that Sridevi’s death was not a natural one it’s a pre-planned murder. “It is very easy to force someone to get drowned in a bathtub until the breathing stops and this leaves no evidence too. Sridevi’s murder has been well planned and it is projected as an accidental death” said Ved Bhushan.



He said that he was not allowed to visit the hotel room of Sridevi in Jumeirah Emirates Towers in Dubai, where she stayed before passing away and doubted some conspiracy behind it. He is still investigating the case and is confident of cracking the mystery soon.

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