Suicide reports in media can affect the vulnerable people, says the study

Suicide is a major, global public health issue that accounts for at least 800 000 deaths per year worldwide and studies have shown, over and over, that the way we talk about suicide publicly can have astounding consequences. News of one person ending their own life can lead to more suicides, especially for people similar to the victim in age and gender. When they occur within professions, schools, ethnicities, or towns, experts call them suicide clusters or speak of contagion or social modeling. The media effect appears to be strongest in young people.



A renowned psychiatrist Mark Sinyor from Toronto University had published in his journals that it’s the media which plays a huge role in impact in provoking others to attempt suicide and asked them to be more responsible before publishing any such news. The study also revealed that suicide is not the ultimate solution for problems and stories which convey the beauty of life would leave the positive impact on people with the suicidal tendencies.

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