The users of Google maps are highly confused as the Google map has been showing Hindu religious symbol ‘Swastika’. Some users who are unfamiliar with its spiritual usage, have questioned why the swastika is included in the app. In the past, Google has restricted the use of the symbol in Google Maps to countries like Japan, where there is more widespread understanding of its historical and religious context.


On Friday, a woman named Katie from Dublin, Ireland tweeted that the symbol appeared for her in place of the usual bed icon that would populate on the app for hotels.

“I opened my maps and was looking for hotels in the surrounding area when I noticed the swastikas. I thought it very strange so I took a screenshot. That’s when I tweeted Google maps questioning it,” Katie told HuffPost via direct message on Twitter.

“I’ve since closed the app and reopened it and it’s back to normal with the bed. This is the only time I’ve ever noticed it,” she said.

Katie is not the only person to have noticed the Swastika symbol on Google maps, the users in West Covina, California; London, England; and elsewhere have tweeted about seeing swastikas as an icon for hotel locations.

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