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Gandhi Bhavan shocker to Revanth Reddy

When Revanth Reddy visited Gandhi Bhavan for the first time, it was to attend Sonia Gandhi's birthday celebrations. Revanth, who arrived with a big group of his supporters, went straight to Prakasam Hall, where the event was being held, and then left. Confusion set in when Revanth went to Gandhi Bhavan the second time. He was unsure of where he was to be seated. After a moment's thought, he went straight to the chambers of TPCC chief Uttam Kumar Reddy and sat down in a chair right opposite the room of the chief.



The bewildered staff of Gandhi Bhavan began muttering that it was not right for anyone to enter the chambers of the chief, especially when he was not there. Having realised he had committed a faux pas, Revanth quietly enquired where visiting MLAs were seated in Gandhi Bhavan. On being told that MLAs generally sat in the halls, Revanth fell into a dilemma. The question in his mind is whether he, who holds no post in the party for now, will be relegated to the halls of Gandhi Bhavan.