Tammareddy slams Adivi Sesh for insulting him

Senior filmmaker Tammareddy Bharadwaj who never fears to speak his heart out had recently slammed Adivi Sesh for his reckless attitude and warned him to change his behavior.



Getting into the details, Adivi Sesh had approached Tammareddy for a special role in ‘Goodacharai’. Though he wasn’t keen initially, later agreed on Adivi Sesh’s insistence. He said that though Adivi Sesh had promised to show the first copy of the movie, neither Adivi Sesh nor his team had bothered to show him the first copy nor invited him for the screening which deeply upset Tammareddy.


Tammareddy also fired on Sesh by questioning his attitude. “If he continues the same, it will be a problem for his career. Success is not important but it is the attitude that helps us bring laurels,” said Tammareddy.

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