TDP accuses KCR of acting as per Modi’s instructions

With KCR dissolving the Assembly before 9 months of the party’s tenure and gearing up for the early polls, the TDP had a deep discussion yesterday night. The party leaders assumed that KCR is moving as per Modi’s instructions and cited the list of contestants in the upcoming elections as the best example.



The party opined that TRS and BJP had a secret meeting and understanding to avoid any clash among the parties. They accused KCR of blaming Chandra Babu Naidu and TDP for no reason when asked for the necessity to dissolve the Assembly.



The TDP leaders also opined the center’s approval for the zonal system in Telangana and KCR’s dissolution of Assembly in the next few days are a part of the preplan. They also accused KCR of carrying the duty of Election Commission with the help of some bigwigs in the central government.

KCR, who dissolved the Assembly yesterday has been appointed as the caretaker CM of Telangana and elections are likely to happen in this November.

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