Telangana has emerged as a trendsetting state, KCR at TRS Plenary meet

KCR, the Chief Minister of Telangana had unfurled the party flag at the 17th plenary session in Kompally, today.


Addressing the delegates at the meeting, KCR described the journey of TRS party since it was found, it’s struggles and its victory.


Hailing Telangana as the trend-setter with several unique welfare programmes, KCR also said that these schemes are being replicated in other states. KCR also said that Telangana has been getting consistent appreciation from the Prime Minister to chief ministers of several states for their efforts in launching innovative schemes resulting in a positive impact on the lives of the people.


Recalling the early days of TRS, KCR it wasn’t an easy journey for the party, but they marched ahead with self-confidence and courage. He said finally, their goal is achieved by sheer hard work and determination which led to the formation of separate statehood which remained an unfulfilled dream for decades.



Taking a jibe at the Congress, and BJP, he said that these two parties are responsible for the water wars, farmers suicides in the country even after 70 years of independence.


KCR also emphasized that efforts to give the proposed the Third Front are going at a high speed and the front would give a befitting shock to the two national parties that ruined the country with their inefficient rule.

The party adopted a resolution granting KCR all powers to work for the third front. KCR demanded the central government to give away powers to states on agriculture, health, education, rural, urban development, drinking water, among others and focus on national and foreign diplomatic issues.


He also said he will operate the national politics from Hyderabad and asserted that Telangana will play a big role in doing good to the country.

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