Telangana Jana Samiti is Kodandaram’s new party

TJAC Chairman Prof Kodandaram has set up a new party. Officially announcing his entry into politics, Prof Kodandaram said that he was starting a political party named Telangana Jana Samiti. The party flag will be inaugurated on 4th April, and the party will begin meetings and conferences from 5th April. An inauguration ceremony will be held on 29th April.

Prof Kodandaram revealed that he had given a great deal of thought to his political entry. He criticised the TRS party and KCR for not fulfilling the aspirations of Telangana martyrs. The TJAC has been contemplating setting up a party in competition to the TRS for some time now. Kodandaram has criticised the TRS over issues of farmers’ suicides and people’s aspirations on many occasions. He had even announced the launch of a political party many times.

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