Venkaiah Naidu rejects the impeachment motion against CJI

Vice President of India and Rajya Sabha chairman M. Venkaiah Naidu had rejected the impeachment motion moved by the Congress-led opposition against Dipak Misra, the Chief Justice of India saying it lacked substantial merit.

“Having considered the material contained in the notice of motion and reflected upon the inputs received in my interaction with legal luminaries and constitutional experts, I am of the firm opinion that the notice of the motion does not deserve to be admitted. Accordingly, I refuse to admit the notice of motion,” said Venkaiah Naidu.


“I have applied my mind to all five charges made out in impeachment motion and examined all annexed documents. All facts as stated in motion don’t make out a case which can lead any reasonable mind to conclude that CJI on these facts can be ever held guilty of misbehavior,” said he further said.


On Friday, around 70 MPs belonging to seven political parties that include Congress, the NCP, CPM, the CPI, the SP, the BSP and the Muslim League have signed the notice for removal proceedings against the CJI.

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