Vijay Mallya’s London mansion has a gold toilet

James Crabtree, author and associate professor at the Lee Kuan Yew School, opened about the businessman Vijay Mallya’s gold toilet in his London mansion.




At an event in Mumbai this week, Crabtree said, “I got about four hours with him at his mansion in London. When I visited, he was in a melancholic mood and very upset because it was the day before the Monaco Grand Prix. The poor man was sitting in his mansion on the edge of Regent’s Park and he was contemplating the fact that he wasn’t going to fly out to Monaco, but instead had to go to his other mansion and watch it on television like everyone else.”


He added, ““Here I discovered this vision in shimmering gold. A gold toilet with a golden rim and gold on top. Sadly there was no golden toilet paper. But it did have monogrammed fluffy white towels.”


“The way an institute maintains its latrines can show you a lot,” said Crabtree.

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