Vijay Sai Reddy accuses Chandrababu Naidu of links with Hawala, Arms Dealers

YCP General Secretary and Rajya Sabha member Vijay Sai Reddy accused Andhra Pradesh CM Chandrababu Naidu of corruption of three lakh crores, and said that Naidu had ruined the economy of Andhra Pradesh in process. He also alleged that Naidu had links with hawala operators in India, and arms dealers internationally. Vijay Sai Reddy was addressing the media at the location of the ‘Vanchana Vyatireka Deeksha’ in Vishakhapatnam. He further said that the ruling party’s ‘Dharmaporata Deeksha’ was in fact filled with wrong-doing, and questioned if fighting against the BJP publicly while having a secret understanding with them was right on the part of the TDP.


Vijay Sai Reddy said that he had proof of every allegation he made against Chandrababu Naidu and that he would not rest until he sent Naidu to prison. He also said that he would submit the proof of Chandrababu’s corruption to the Prime Minister. He declared that the TDP had quit the NDA as it had no alternative, and was living in fear since then due to Chandrababu’s and Lokesh’s corruption. Reddy also clarified that while the TDP was making all sorts of allegations against him for meeting the Prime Minister, he had only done so to further the cause of special category status for Andhra Pradesh and to bring notice to the problems of the people. He said that he would meet the Prime Minister as many times as was required for this. Meanwhile, the TDP is seriously distressed by these allegations.

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