What’s the reason behind Hindu Mahasabha’s support to TRS?

Though both BJP and TRS have been denying the secret alliances between them, few similarities between both these parties are strengthening the doubt of their secret alliance. KCR’s frequent meetings with the PM Modi, excluding the BJP sitting seats in the first list announced by KCR, raises many doubts. Amid such speculations, Akhila Bharat Hindu Mahasabha’s announcement of its support to TRS created another political sensation.



The Mahasabha hailed KCR as the protector of Hinduism and lauded him for his efforts to protect the Hindu Temples in Telangana. The Hindu Maha Sabha chief Sri Ramanuja Vatradharayiyar Swamy said that they are always behind KCR and they are not afraid of anyone.



Though the Mahasabha has the influence of BJP or not, it surely has the ability to influence the Hindu voters in the upcoming elections. The Mahasabha even seek Rajinikanth’s support with the Hinduvta sentiment.



Though this sabha has no big influence in the south, it’s highly popular and powerful in the north. The government had even allotted Z-category to the Bharat Hindu Mahasabha’s chief. This sabha had created a sensation by burning the car of underworld Don Dawood Ibrahim. Now, their focus has shifted to Telangana to spread their dominance in the south as well.

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