Who will win the Warangal (East) Ticket?

With the Warangal (East) ticket being denied, the Konda couple Surekha, and Murali who were disheartened by KCR’s apathy towards them had already started criticizing him. On the other hand, Nannapuneni Narender, Gundu Sudharani, Basavaraju Saraiah, Mettu Srinivas, and Pradeep Rao have been trying hard to grab the ticket.




Amidst these speculations, Mettu Srinivas along with Basvaraju Saraiah, and Sudharani went to Narender’s house on Sunday night. Though a conspiracy was suspected, they quashed out saying it was just a friendly meet. On the other hand, it was also buzzed that the Konda couple would soon join the Congress.

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