It’s a strange war for inherited property in Britain. A former female advocate has won two highly valuable properties for free.

Getting into the details, a 53-year-old Wendy Cook has a strong liking for elderly women and taken utmost care of a 87-year-old Jean Weddell.

Being impressed by her caring, Jean Wendell has transferred their ancestral property worth 1.25 million pounds on Wendy’s name. But, Jean’s son Christopher, who is a professor at Oxford University approached the court demanding the property.

On the other hand, his solicitors have sold the property and neither he or Wendy has the knowledge about it. This is a thing of the past.

Cut to the present, Wendy Cook has inherited property worth 2.5 million pounds from a 83-year-old female judge. But, again the judge’s grandson Nicolas approached the court and both the cases are pending for hearing. It remains to be seen whether the judgment comes in her favour or not.

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