Women online vent their frustration on societal double standards

“The best thing about bein’ a woman Is the prerogative to have a little fun… man, I feel like a woman!” sang popular singer Shania Twain. Except, as all women know, being a woman is not all that fun. Some female Redditt users recently wrote about their pet peeves and challenges they face as women, ranging from pms to shaving to birth control and aging. The Sun reported these women’s angst. This might resonate with you, so take a look!



“Whether I’m actively experiencing one or just knowing that it’ll happen again in a few weeks, bleh,” Luminaria19 said, giving words to many women’s period troubles.


Another Reddit user, Caramelindiangoddess, protested that taking responsibility for birth control was society’s punishment “for being female”.


Indian women will love this one, considering the state of our public toilets. LeBatEnRouge lamented that she couldn’t pee standing up.


“Men age like wine, women age like milk”, was a saying that drove women, including Barely_Even_A_Pers0n, up a wall.


Other women, including Deftune and Hideitinmysock, said they resented societal pressure for women to be graceful, calm and ever-cheerful.


Another pet peeve was double standards when it came to beauty. Rose94 commented on being judged for not shaving when men got away with it all the time.

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