I won’t make enemies in my political journey: Kamal Haasan

The sudden demise of Jayalalithaa had left a huge political vacuum in Tamilnadu which gave new political parties to emerge to test their luck in Tamil politics that was dominated by only two parties.


To make the best use of this political vacuum veteran Tamil Superstars Rajinikanth and Kamal Haasan have decided to take a plunge into the politics. While Rajinikanth had already launched his political website and mobile application, Kamal Haasan is still mulling over the idea.





While there are several speculations that Kamal Haasan won’t join his old-friend Rajinikanth in politics, the actor had given a clarity on the same.


“People ask me if I will make my friends as enemies in this (political) journey. I won’t make my friends my enemies & do that blame game politics to withstand & get a place in politics. That won’t be my way and even people won’t like that,” he said.

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