Air Asia’s leaked tape: Play nice with Chandrababu Naidu, get everything

A leaked audio tape between Malaysia-based Air Asia Group CEO Tony Fernandes and former CEO of AirAsia India Mittu Chandilya is making waves. The audio tape was recorded as Chandilya was giving a presentation to Mr. Fernandes in the presence of lobbyist Rajendra Dubey on getting international route licences.

The tape is said to be in possession of the CBI which had booked Mr Fernandes recently in a case of alleged bribery.
In the audio tape of an alleged, 33-minute conversation, Mr Chandilya tells the airline’s chief executive officer Tony Fernandes that Mr Naidu was potentially the prime minister candidate, but he was now Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh.
In the tape, Mr. Chandilya purportedly tells Mr Fernandes, “His finance minister is now the civil aviation minister. If you play nice with Chandrababu Naidu, we will get everything. The civil aviation minister told me. They want to build Vizag into aviation centre. They are willing to give zero tax on ATF as long as we put a hub there. The minister told me that he doesn’t want to be seen physically with me that much, but you tell me what you want. This guy is like Modi. It’s good to have him on our side.”
The CBI booked Mr Fernandes for bribing officials to amend the 5/20 rule that mandated domestic airlines to have five years of experience and 20 aircraft to fly international.