Alok Verma's response to CVC: Blames Modi government for the crisis in CBI

Alok Verma, the CBI director who was forced to step down from his position is facing an inquiry over charges of procedural irregularities. During his response to CVC (Central Vigilance Commission) revealed some shocking facts.
He accused K.V. Chowdary, the central vigilance commissioner of bias and violating a Supreme court order. Verma also blamed the Modi government for the crisis in CBI, the country’s top investigating agency.

Recently, Alok Verma filed a case against his deputy, Rakesh Asthana in the CBI, for accepting bribes from a Hyderabad-based businessman. Asthana, in turn, had charged Verma with similar charges of corruption. After examining the pleas, the Supreme Court ordered an inquiry by the Central Vigilance Commission (CVC) to find out the truth. The CVC subsequently sent an elaborate questionnaire to Verma.
He questioned the integrity of CVC as an independent investigator and hints that a top official from the Prime Minister Office (PMO) has been supporting Asthana and Chowdary. He also said that he’s ready to reveal the name of the PMO official if the investigation can be taken further.
“The CVC seems to be on a roving expedition to cast aspersions on my integrity and impartiality, which have never once been questioned in the last 39 years of my career in which I have headed police forces across four states/union territories and two institutions (including the CBI). I am surprised that the line of questioning being adopted by the CVC is as if I am already guilty and have to prove my innocence rather than the other way around,” Verma writes in his response to the CVC’s questions.