AP, Singapore Is History? - Tolivelugu

AP, Singapore Is History?

Will Singapore’s affiliation with AP capital Amaravathi end soon? Seed Capital Startup Area Development agreement is all set to be canceled? Will government announce any key decision on the start-up project soon? Where is Amaravathi hanging now? Post the Amaravathi review of CM Jagan, such discussions are gaining momentum., AP, Singapore Is History?
Singapore is apparently observing the new government’s decision on the Amaravathi capital plan very closely. Singapore Finance Minister VVS Balakrishna announced at a recent conference that Singapore consortium has informed them that the state government wants , AP, Singapore Is History?to review the Amaravathi project and they are awaiting the decision of AP government on the same. Balakrishna said that the state government has every authority to review and assess its effectiveness. VVN Balakrishna made these interesting remarks when AP Finance Minister Buggana Rajendra Prasad was at the Singapore summit recently. Will Singapore abandon the start-up area development project? Or will it be the state government who will make the first move? Who will wink first is the question now.

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