Crocodile mauls off arm of bride

It was a nightmare come true for Zanele Ndlovu when her pre-wedding adventure trip went horribly wrong. 25 year old Zanele Ndlovu and her then fiance Jamie were rowing on Zambezi river in Zimbabwe when a crocodile attacked them.



The inflatable boat could not withstand the attack and Zanele fell into the river, where her arm was badly mauled by the crocodile. Just when she thought she was going to die, Jamie and the tour operators pulled her out and applied a tourniquet.



A former national tennis player, Zanele was rushed to a hospital. However, doctors were unable to save her arm and had to amputate it. Despite this tragedy, Zanele and Jamie stuck to their initially planned wedding date and got married in the hospital chapel. Zanele and Jamie have now become stars. Their courage and love has been much-praised.