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Does Article 169 support abolishing the legislative council?

Though the AP Decentralisation Bill was passed in the assembly, the YSRCP government which was all decked up to pass it in Legislature Council tasted a rude shock on Tuesday. While Finance Minister Buggana Rajendranath Reddy introduced the bill in the Legislative Council, the main opposition TDP moved the resolution under Rule 71. The Upper House of the legislature of Andhra Pradesh has moved the resolution against the bill with 27 members voting in favour of it and 13 members voting against. This has come as a humiliation to the YSRCP government amidst the nationwide coverage on the ‘three capital’ issue.


On the other hand, the ruling party called for an emergency cabinet meeting on Tuesday night triggering speculation. Sources revealed that the main agenda of the meeting was to look into the technicalities behind abolish the Upper House. With no other option left, Jagan and his team who are working on war footing to pass the bills by hook or by crook are reportedly working on scrapping the council. AP politics at once heated up with the strategical move from TDP’s end while the national and state media zeroed in on the possibilities of scrapping the legislative council. Can a state government abolish the council? Does a state government have the power to scrap it?

This has become a debated topic in the state while the political analysts opined that abolishing a legislative council is not an easy job. According to article 169, the power of abolition and creation of the State legislative council is vested in the Parliament of India. But again, to create or to abolish a state legislative council, the state legislative assembly must pass a resolution, which must be supported by the majority of the strength of the house and a two-third majority of the present and voting. When a legislative council is created or abolished, the Constitution of India is also changed. However, still, such type of law is not considered a Constitution Amendment Bill. And ultimately, the resolution to create and abolish a state legislative council is to be approved by the President also.