Don't make Asifa a pawn to polarize India

The brutal gang-rape and murder of eight year old Afisa in Kathua in Kashmir has rocked the country’s conscience. Media, social media, political parties and the civil society are all highlighting the gruesome crime and demanding for justice for Asifa. Recently, a political activist named Abbas Hafeez Khan issued a call to the nation to exercise restraint in talking about the issue.

Hafeez Khan said that Afisa’s murder must be handled sensitively so as to keep fundamentalists – both Hindu and Muslim – to use the tragedy to polarize India. He said that both Hindu and Muslim policemen had been extremely professional in filing the chargesheet and carrying on the investigation.

He appealed to the nation saying that the need of the hour was to ensure that little Asifa got justice and her murdereds were severely punished, and asked people to be cautious of fundamentalists waiting to hijack the issue for their own gains. This would not aid in ensuring that justice was done to Asifa and her family, and would further damage the fabric of Indian society.