Heroines harass good-looking male actors for sexual favors: Ravi Kishan

There is no denying fact that the film industry is an alluring and opulent industry, but there are several dark secrets which cannot be witnessed on the screen. One among the common murky mysteries celebs have been enduring in the industry is ‘casting couch’. Of late, several actresses have been openly admitting their experiences and raising their voice against the ‘casting couch’ menace.



While several actresses have been claiming to be the victims of sexual favors for the offers, Bhojpuri actor Ravi Kishan comes up with contrasting comments.



Ravi Kishan, who shot to fame with ‘Race Gurram’ in Telugu says that it’s not just actresses, but male actors are also the victims of sexual harassment. Though he didn’t name, he said that many actresses had harassed good-looking male actors to fulfill their sexual desires.

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