Hyderabad To Be A UT Soon?! - Tolivelugu

Hyderabad To Be A UT Soon?!


Speculation about Hyderabad being declared a Union Territory is gaining momentum by the day. Fresh statements from former central minister Chinta Mohan are only adding fuel to the rumors. Speaking to the press today at Tirupathi, Chinta Mohan said the BJP government is keenly considering the same and the plans may roll out post Maharashtra Elections. According to him, the central government is currently analyzing the reactions in the country to scrapping of Article 370 and taking Kashmir under full control. “Once they get majority in Rajyasabha in Kashmir issue, Hyderbad being declared as union territory will be a top priority item”, he emphasized. Not just his sensational comments, even the time-lines he declared seem to create quite a frenzy in political circles, especially when the fight between TRS and BJP seems to be out there in the open in Telangana.

And when speaking about AP politics, he said chief minister Jagan is making a mistake by opting to continue Amaravathi which falls in Tulluru region as the state capital. He said Tulluru land has been dipped in Dalit blood and will only continue to bring bad luck to the person ruling the state. According to him, the cursed land of Tulluru region is the reason why Chandra Babu lost to the election.  Chinta Mohan has been advocating that Tirupathi be made the capital of Andhra Pradesh.