It’s vendetta politics, Yogendra Yadav accuses BJP

Yogendra Yadav, the psephologist-turned-politician had accused the Modi government of targeting his family to intimidate him after income tax authorities raided a hospital run by his sisters in Haryana’s Rewari this morning.


Yogendra Yadav said the raids appeared to be linked to a campaign for better prices for farmers which he was leading from the front.


In a series of tweets, he said more than 100 personnel from Delhi turned up at the hospital, detained his relatives and sealed the hospital.



An eminent psephologist, Yogendra Yadav founded Swaraj India and Jai Kisan Andolan after exiting the Aam Aadmi Party in 2015 and has been trying to mobilize farmers. He said his nine-day march to mobilize farmers had angered the ruling BJP government.


“A clear attempt to intimidate. Modiji you can’t silence me,” he said.

Jawahar Yadav of the BJP has rejected the allegation.


“The (tax) department has done its work… This has nothing to do with Yogendra Yadav’s yatra,” he told media. The BJP also alleged that the raids were conducted after it came to notice that his family members have paid the amount in cash for jewelry bought at Nirav Modi’s shop.


The party also accused Yogendra Yadav’s sister’s son of possessing Rs 22 lakhs in cash and as per IT act, a person should not possess more than Rs 2 lakhs as liquid cash.

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