Jaipal Reddy comments on Revanth Reddy

It is common knowledge that former TDP leader Revanth Reddy, who recently joined the Congress party, and senior Congress leader Jaipal Reddy, though relatives, do not see eye to eye. This had led to intense speculation about how both leaders would fare in the same party. Speaking in an exclusive interview, Jaipal Reddy recently said that, old equations apart, he welcomed Revanth Reddy’s entry into the Congress as Revanth could energize people.

Answering the question whether he had been alright with Revanth’s entry, Jaipal Reddy said that he had been consulted and he had agreed that it was a good decision in light of the party’s future. He further said that Revanth’s future in the party depended on his hard work and the High Command, and that he had no role in this. Jaipal Reddy also said that he had gotten the opportunity to be the chief minister of undivided Andhra Pradesh, which he had turned down and reiterated that he had no interest in becoming the chief minister of Telangana. He also vouched that the Congress would be the majority party at the Centre in the 2019 elections. Jaipal Reddy revealed this and many more interesting matters in an interview with TV9 ‘Encounter’. The interview will be aired on Sunday, April 15.