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Jeeyar Upsets Rakul

, Jeeyar Upsets Rakul
It wasn’t that she was upset with the movie heroes but instead with the event managers. Rakul had come to participate in the Silver Jubilee celebrations of the Telugu Cine Productions Executives Union (TCPEU) programme which was organized on a grand scale in the Gachibowli Indoor Stadium. It was attended by many doyens of the Telugu cinema industry and Rakul had come to participate in the same with a dance medley.

, Jeeyar Upsets Rakul

Many heroes, heroines, comedians, stars and starlets attended this program and they were meeting after very long and there was a lot of bonhomie between them. Rakul Preet was supposed to be doing a dance medley, however she left because of the endless long speeches given by Chinna Jeeyar Swamy and Kishan Reddy who were in love with the microphone and not leaving it. The entire event was terribly managed as far as time was concerned. No one understood why Chinna Jeeyar Swamy had to come for this programme like this. The recent controversy about erotic sculptures in the Yadadri Temple probably made Chinna Jeeyar Swamy escape into a different podium as all the allegations suggested that these painting and sculptors were put up there under his aegis. Maybe he had come to a film program to have a breather from all of those allegations and he can give his speech at this program.

Not just him but all the dignitaries kept speaking endlessly which upset Rakul Preet and she decided to leave the event. Prior to her scheduled performance, some heroines danced and Devi Shri Prasad sang songs. At that very moment, Megastar Chiranjeevi arrived and Devi Shri Prasad in his excitement continued to perform very enthusiastically beyond the prescribed time. After this, it was supposed to be Rakul’s dance medley and since there was so many speeches going on, Rakul Preet decided to leave.