Jogu Ramanna Missing - Tolivelugu

Jogu Ramanna Missing

The much awaited cabinet expansion seems to have created more troubles for the TRS supremo than anticipated. More and more voices of dissent are being heard loud and clear. Adilabad MLA Jogu Ramanna clearly seems to have joined the band wagon. He was anticipating a plush post during the expansion and when his name didn’t figure in the list, Ramanna was visibly upset. He apparently told his close aides that he was given a very raw deal in the whole situation. A section in the party cardre think that Ramanna’s expectation is a little unrealistic since he already was given a ministry earlier. The party, they say was wanting to give opportunity to others also.

While everyone else is making statements, Ramanna’s silence is more than defeaning. He vacated his quarters, left his gunmen and skipped attending the assembly session on the first day. Karimnagar MLA Gangula Kamalakar is said to be the reason behind Jogu Ramanna not landing the ministerial berth. Both Jogu Ramanna and Gangula hail from the same ‘munnuru kapu’ community. While some say that CM KCR decided against Ramanna since he couldn’t afford two ministries for the same community. Others argue that Ramanna was promised and shunned away in the eleventh hour causing him much emotional trauma. Right now, Ramanna is said to be ‘unavailable’ to even to the Kalvakuntala family.

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