Karnataka elections teaches a befitting lesson to BJP


It’s been a tale of twists over the past few days in Karnataka. Though BJP had emerged as the single largest party and BS Yeddyurappa took oath as the CM of Karnataka, all the joy and jubilation didn’t last long. Being unable to prove the majority in the floor test, Yeddyurappa tendered his resignation after delivering an emotional speech in the Assembly.
It’s definitely a huge shock for the BJP which is on a winning spree in all the states and its dream of dominating the south gets shattered once again. Though BJP had surplus money to lure the MLAs, the paucity of time resulted for its loss.
Congress had been claiming it has the numbers to form the government after combining with JD(S) and also had been alleging that BJP is indulging in horse-trading. BJP had hit back saying the allegations were false and that they would emerge victoriously.
On the whole, it’s definitely a lesson to be learnt for the BJP which has been overconfident and taking everything for granted. Hopefully, BJP learns from its mistakes before its too late.