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KTR to Sye Raa’s rescue

‘Sye Raa’ has certainly been the next big thing in Telugu Film Industry with anticipations from fans all around the world. Cashing this point, it has been fallen victim to a series of controversies as to the compensation for the descendants of Uyyalavada Narasimha Reddy. Dastagiri and Lakshmi, one of the fifth-generation family members of the freedom fighter have lodged a case that the filmmakers had skipped the promised amount for taking the movie’s story and using their assets and other places for shooting. In a shocking revelation, they recently took to the media demanding Rs. 50 crores as compensation. And now the close allies of Mega family has revealed that producer Ram Charan has sought the help of KTR to come out of this mess. The update is that KTR also has promised that there will be justice done to his long-time friend Charan. It was also speculated that KTR is backing up ‘Sye Raa’ right from the starting stage.