New York turns U.S’ Wuhan, death toll hikes by 110% in 36 hours - Tolivelugu

New York turns U.S’ Wuhan, death toll hikes by 110% in 36 hours

While China, the epicentre of the dreadful Coronavirus is healing slowly registering minimal positive cases, the United States has been recording the highest number of known cases of coronavirus in the world with more than 82,000 by Friday. According to the reports, New York has now become the new epicentre while the deaths spiked to 385, with 100 new deaths recorded in a single day.

Raising alarm, the health officials confirmed that death toll hiked by 110% in 36 hours which started showing the impact on the country’s economy. Meanwhile, economic shutdown and staggering unemployment loomed the tri-state area(New York, New Jersey and Connecticut). Reportedly, a makeshift morgue was set up outside Bellevue Hospital as the hospitals and cemeteries are filled up with the increasing number of dead bodies.

However, health authorities stated that the measures taken up from the past 2 weeks started showing results while the rate of hospitalization appeared to be slowing statewide, a sign that social distancing measures were beginning to help flatten the curve. On the other hand, the US Senate is facing rife criticism over the unparalleled $2.2 trillion economic rescue package passed as the steering aid to businesses, workers and healthcare systems.