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One man-three govt jobs: Meet Bihar’s ‘Trimurthy’

, One man-three govt jobs: Meet Bihar’s ‘Trimurthy’

Months of coaching, years of preparation, and countless sleepless nights…this would be the life any government job aspirant. Some even go ahead and bribe to score the gig. And if he hits the bull’s eye, steady income, secured job followed by the respect in society is in his basket.

What if the same person hits three such jobs and he refuses to opt-out none? In a shocking revelation, the Bihar government has caught an employee who is receiving three salaries from three different government departments for the last 30 years. Above all, he also got promoted at all of his jobs. Thanks to the Comprehensive Financial Management System (CFMS) introduced by the Bihar government, the con job he ran for nearly three decades came to light last month.

According to the reports, Suresh Ram worked as an Assistant Engineer in the Office of Building Construction of Kishanganj, the Department of Water Resources in Banka district’s Belhar block and from Bhimnagar East Embankment of Supaul. Though it is still unclear how he managed to do all of them simultaneously, he was really good at all three positions. Ram has successfully managed to fool the government for three decades until his triple scam was exposed by a financial management application where details of all Bihar government employees were fed.