Only 11000 Pawan fans?!

The very controversial Ram Gopal Varma is back to his tactics! With the second teaser of ‘Officer’ starring Nagarjuna released recently, RGV seems to have stepped up his online presence for publicity. While his tweets are about ‘Officer’, he seems to enjoy baiting Pawan fans as well. His recent comments prove this without doubt.


Everyone knows the role of Ram Gopal Varma in the Sri Reddy – Pawan Kalyan incident by now. RGV is the person who instigated abuse of Pawan Kalyan. Doing so earned him the unending ire of Pawan fans. RGV himself knows this. He has now alleged that the 14000 (11000 as of Monday night) dislikes on Officer teaser 2 were of Pawan fans. Not content with this, he sarcastically commented that if Pawan only had 11000 fans of a population of 11 crores, it was time for Janasena to take measures to ensure its victory.


Calling himself and the team of Officer as Pawan Kalyan fans, he demanded that the Janasena must act to avoid ending up as a bigger disaster than Praja Rajyam. Responding to a Pawan fan’s comment that he had disliked RGV’s tweet even without bothering to watch it, RGV asked Pawan and Janasena to take notice of the IQ of Pawan fans.


RGV, of course, is known for his sarcastic and irreverent comments. He has, in the past received a lot of publicity, even if it was mostly negative, for his antics, so much so that it seems to have become a part of his publicity strategy. However, RGV would perhaps do well to reflect if a movie starring top hero Nagarjuna requires such tactics in the first place.