Oppositions calls for Telangana bandh on Oct 9 -Oppositions calls for Telangana bandh on Oct 9 - Tolivelugu

Oppositions calls for Telangana bandh on Oct 9

Hyderabad: RTC’s indefinite strike is taking its aggressive form with passing days with the oppositions joining the fight to press the long-standing demands of the employees. After the all-party meeting held at the Sundaraiyya Science Center, the Oppositions and other employee JACs from the state have decided to call for a Telangana bandh on October 19th extending solidarity with employee unions. In the meeting, the parties have also announced the activities going to be held in the coming five days. The list of activities is as below,

October 13 – ‘Vanta Varpu’ which includes setting up makeshift kitchens at several junctions in Hyderabad, to cook food on the streets.

October 14 – Blocking all the main junctions including a rally at Indira park

October 15 – ‘Raastha Roko’ Program

October 16 – Student Union Rallies

October 17 – ‘Dhoom Dham’ Program and union leaders rally

October 18 – Bike Rally and

October 19 – Telangana Bandh

The parties and unions who participated in the meeting have taken measures to send the instructions to all the RTC deports to ensure that the rallies and protests will be held successfully. On the other hand, Telangana chief minister K Chandrasekhar Rao is continuously reviewing the situation across the state and has reportedly passed orders to the police to burst the agenda of parties and unions.