Options before Yeddyurappa to win the floor test

The deadline is soon approaching and BS Yeddyurappa who took the oath as the CM of Karnataka need to pass the floor test by proving his majority in the Assembly by 4 in the evening today. The pro-tem speaker K. G. Bopaiah will administer the oath ceremony by the newly elected legislators.

Though Yeddyurappa is highly confident in proving his majority, these four factors would surely help Yeddyurappa pass the floor test.
1) The BJP has to ensure around 15 MLAs from Congress and JD(S) do not turn up to the Assembly. This will automatically reduce the strength of the House and help BJP to win the floor test easily. The majority mark for 209 MLAs is 105, and that will help BS Yeddyurappa.
2) Keeping the opposition MLAs to voting and win by reducing the count of the majority.
3) Force the opposition MLAs to resign, but this may be a distant possibility as the speaker would order for an investigation on the reasons for resignation.
4) If anticipates the defeat, the BJP should plan to postpone the floor test by creating some nuisance.
If Yeddyurappa succeeds in the above said, his party is likely to form the government in Karnataka.