Owing To Heavy Downpour: Frogs Get Divorced! - Tolivelugu

Owing To Heavy Downpour: Frogs Get Divorced!


Yes! A couple in love were married about 2 months ago with the blessings of the entire village and unfortunately, now the same villagers are getting them divorced! The only difference here is that, we are talking about a couple of frogs that were married by the villagers of Bhopal, in the state of Madhya Pradesh.
It is believed that marrying two frogs during drought, will ensure adequate rainfall and hence the frogs were married off during last summer, in the month of June. Probably the frog couple’s love was too intense to handle that Bhopal citizens are now facing the wrath of non-stop rainfall and floods in the region.
Now, in order to bring down the intensity of the rainfall and its consequences, the people decided that it is better to separate the two. As is done in one of the Tollywood films, where divorce is also celebrated likewise marriage, the people now got the frogs divorced with great pomp and show.
Netizens have been commenting on the situation stating that this is the time for settling down on Moon through science and here we are still struck with age-old superstitions. Some even questioned if the male frog has to pay alimony to the female frog, now that they are divorced!! Some are just hoping that the divorce will achieve the purpose for now.