Pawan Kalyan comments on Sri Reddy

Janasena party chief Pawan Kalyan has responded to actor Sri Reddy’s call for his support. Pawan said that when injustice had been done, the right thing would be to seek legal recourse rather than approach the media. He said that there was a need to create to more stringent laws to safeguard women. He said that he was willing to extend support to Sri Reddy, but it would be useful only if she took the legal route in her protest. He said that even animals live by their own set of rules and that human beings had become lawless.

Pawan Kalyan said that it was not wrong for the public to punish wrong-doers and said that laws should permit this. He said that offences starting from eve teasing needed to be dealt with strictly, and called for amending laws on the lines of Singaporean laws. Pawan also observed silence to protest against the inhuman gang-rape of Asifa in Kathua, and demanded that the Centre and state governments must bring in stronger laws. He demanded that the PM must comment on the gruesome incident. He lamented that the situation in the country was so bad that children could not go out in broad daylight. Calling the Kathua rape case a brutal crime against humanity, he said that teh victims must be helped without considerations of caste, class and religion, and said that shielding such criminals amounted to treason.