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RGV’s KRKR clears sensor, gets released date

‘Amma Rajyamlo Kadapa Biddalu’ aka ‘Kamma Rajyam Lo Kadapa Reddlu’ has finally cleared the hurdles for the release. Claimed to be the most controversial movie in recent times, KRKR has completed the censor scrutiny and got ‘U/A’ certificate. The unit also announced that the film would hit the marquee on December 12 after a series of change in release dates. Taking to the official Twitter handle, Ram Gopal Varma has dropped the news on Saturday in his very own satirical way. “Thrilled to know there is still freedom of expression in our country…KAMMA RAJYAMLO KADAPA REDDLU is passed by the CENSOR…GRAND GALA RELEASE on DEC 12th” read his tweet.

The censor board that watched the film with the High Court ordered has ultimately declined to issue a censor certificate. The censor members have watched the film on Saturday were left in utter shock over the direct references in the movie which were quoted to raise communal spats. As the trailer itself indicated, the film has characters insulting man of the real-life personalities. Raising objections over the overall content, the board members refused to issue the censor certificate which was probably an expected one the RGV’s team. However, the revising committee compromising of nine members have watched the film and issued ‘U/A’ certificate.