Sandhya questions the officials over sex racket scandal in Yadadri

The holy shrine Yadagirigutta is getting famous for all the wrong reasons recently. The sex racket in the name of ‘Operation Muskaan’ is still making a strong buzz. The entire state is shocked to know that young girls are forced into prostitution by force. The police have, however, swung into action and arrested the culprits.

While few fled away from the surroundings, others have clarified that they are no longer in the skin trade. But, the police have been arresting the innocents on the accusation of the sex racket. Women’s association president Sandhya visited Yadagirigutta and consoled the families which were defamed.
She questioned the officials for leaving the culprits and punishing the innocents. She blamed the government for remaining mum when the prostitution has been going on in the holy shrines like Tirupathi, and Yadagirigutta for over 200 years.